Bombardier Commercial Aircraft

More than 50 years of vision and innovation!

Progress mostly happens in inches, in tweaks, and in increments.
But sometimes there’s a shift that changes everything.
Those leaps require vision, intelligence, and effort
They require the kind of courage that made flight possible in the first place. 
It’s this boldness that drives Bombardier’s relentless pursuit of excellence.



Bombardier Commercial Aircraft in numbers

3000 aircraft

3,000+ aircraft sold (total firm orders)

130 countries

Flying people in 130+ countries

4 millon

~4 million passengers weekly

100 years

100+ years of passion

CRJ Series

The world's most successful regional aircraft family

As the world's most successful family of regional aircraft with over 1,900 regional jets in service and over 120 operators in 90 countries, a CRJ Series aircraft takes off or lands every 5 seconds. The CRJ Series performance on reliability is over 99.5% thanks to its mature systems and robust technology.

The lowest seat-mile cost of any regional jet

For medium-haul applications, the CRJ Series family of aircraft is the benchmark for regional jet efficiency in the 60- to 100-seat segment, offering up to a 10% cash operating cost advantage, reduced environmental impact and enhanced cabin interiors.

Q Series

Turboprop economics with jet like performance

The Q400 offers the best of both worlds: able to either fly slower to minimize fuel burn or faster to maximize productivity. At lower speeds, it offers the same trip cost as competing turboprops, with up to 14 more seats. At higher speeds, the Q400 delivers over 30% cost advantage compared to the jet aircraft it often replaces.

Flying efficiently

The Q400 has the lowest fuel consumption per passenger of any turboprop in the industry, making it an efficient and greener option. On a 500 nautical mile journey, the Q400 consumes 3 liters of fuel per seat per 100 km, which is comparable to any other modern aircraft flying today.


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